Keynote topics

Chris Clearfield specializes in a variety of topics, tailoring to your companies structure and needs.

Rethink Risk

How to prevent catastrophic failures in business and in life

The Simplicity of Complexity

How Great Organizations Pivot, Disrupt, and Win

How many things need to go right for your project to succeed? As soon as that question needs asking, you’ve got a complex system on your hands, says Meltdown co-author Chris Clearfield. In this gripping talk drawn from his National Business Book Award-winning title, Clearfield shows that as our technology, organizations, and ambitions have grown, there is more potential for catastrophic failure. 

Practical and proactive, Clearfield initiates audiences into the pivotal principles of transparency and simplicity—and how you can endow your professional systems with them. Keeping it simple (but not stupid) means finding ways to make your complex system more legible and accessible. Keeping it transparent is up to leaders, managers, and organizers: to leave a clear path to open conversation, and highlight future failures before they arise. You will leave this talk with a set of logical and surmountable principles, pivoting you safely towards success.

What Thanksgiving Dinners, Dumb Business Decisions, and Everest Climbers Teach Us About How to Avoid Distraction, Increase Productivity, and Win Big

In today’s distraction-filled world, it seems impossible to get anything done. E-mails and texts continuously interrupt us, minor crises spring up out of nowhere, and we spend most of our days at work fighting fires.

In this groundbreaking talk, Chris Clearfield shares insights from years of research on why some teams thrive despite these challenges—while others fail in embarrassing ways. This talk will provide you with practical tools and lessons drawn from a variety of fields, from SWAT teams to the world’s best software engineers.



For Conference Introductions, Chris Clearfield is:

-Founder of System Logic

-Clearfield is the Co-Author of Meltdown, which won the National Business Book Award

-Is a former derivatives trader, a commercial pilot, and a flight instructor