Meltdown book reviews


Flirting With Disaster (PDF)

by David A. Shaywitz

Thanks to dense networks and the complacency of groupthink, small glitches can cascade into catastrophic failures...


Strategy + Business

How to Become a Master of Disaster

by Theodore Kinni

The more complex and tightly coupled the system, the more urgent the need to manage the risk of Meltdowns…


If it can be built, it can fall apart


A cautionary study in how complex systems can easily go awry.

As systems become more complex, guided by artificial intelligence and algorithms as well as human experience, they become more likely to fail. The result, write one-time derivatives trader and commercial pilot Clearfield…

How To Get Ready For Big System Failure Headed Your Way

by Brook Manville

Whether you're a banker, manufacturer, consultant, or coffee shop owner, somewhere, somehow, the linked complexity of how you work today is  boiling up some nasty surprises for you…